1. Flights operate in the early morning just before dawn, pick-up time is confirmed the evening prior to the flight.  Flights must be booked in advance and include:
-passenger insurance coverage;
-transportation from/to all Luxor accommodation;
-refreshments (coffee, tea, sponge cake/biscuit) served during the boat crossing of the Nile;
-certificate at the end of the flight.
Balloons operate from the West Bank and flights last 40 minutes minimum depending on weather conditions.
• If flights cannot take place due to weather conditions and no suitable alternative can be offered, a full refund will be given.

2. Health & Safety: Passengers must be in good physical and mental health and will be required to sign a waiver of release indicating as such before boarding the balloon. Passengers must be physically able to climb over the side (about 47 inches or 1,20 m high), into the basket with the steps provided, stand unassisted for the length of the flight and adopt the bended knee seated landing position.
We make every effort to ensure that people with disabilities have the opportunity to participate in balloon flights wherever it is possible and safe to do so. When booking Magic Horizon Balloons must be advised of any guests with heart conditions, back or hip problems, weak knees or ankles, fainting spells, individual weight in excess of 250 lbs (120 kg), recent surgeries or currently under the care of a physician. You must not fly if you are suffering from any significant medical condition or if you have recently undergone major surgery. Pregnant women should not fly.
• Minimum age for children is 6 years.

3. Clothing: Passengers should wear outdoor clothing that is comfortable for the particular season and the time of the flight. As hot air balloons travel at the same speed as the winds surrounding them, wind chill is eliminated. Flat shoes or trainers are recommended. For winter and cool weather flying, we recommend wearing layers of clothes. Put on as many as needed to remain comfortable. You can always remove a layer or two. It will not be noticeably colder in the balloon. If temperatures are comfortable on the ground, you should be comfortable in the air. We suggest a hat or head covering, during take-off you usually feel radiant heat from the burner.
Do not overdress, particularly in the summer.

4.On Board Luggage: Due to limited space in the basket, back packs and big camera bags remain on the ground, in our vans.

Out of CAA rules cameras are not allowed.

5. Last minute cancellations and no shows will be charged fully as per agreed rate.

6. Liability of Release Form: We require all passengers comply with, and follow explicitly, the directions or instructions of Magic Horizon Balloons pilots at all times. Therefore, Magic Horizon Balloons requires passengers to sign a waiver after a verbal pre-flight briefing and prior to boarding the balloon. A parent or guardian will have to sign for anyone under the age of 18.

7. Gift Certificate: 1.There is no expiration date. Gift certificates are valid until they are used, and flights can be rescheduled at any time. Flight certificate holders receive scheduling priority. 2.Certificates are transferable.3.Certificates are refundable. A full refund (less a 20% booking fee) is available upon request for a period of 4 months from the date of purchase. The booking charge covers the costs incurred in communication, record-keeping, personnel.