Sun all the year round, friendly hospitable people, over 4000 years of history make Luxor a very special place to stay with so much to see and do

Formerly known as ‘Thebes’ in Pharaonic times, the area has 1/6th of the world’s ancient heritage, it’s almost like an open air museum and boasts the largest Temple on earth at Karnak.

The mighty river Nile separates the city into two halves: East bank, “the land of the livings” where the Temples of Luxor and Karnak as well as the Luxor and Mummification museums are.

And the West bank “the land of the dead”, where the Valley of the Kings (Tutankhamen’s tomb), Queens, Workers, Nobles as well as the mortuary temples of Ramesses II and III – The Ramesseum and Medinet Habu are.

From Luxor you can go by train to Cairo, Aswan and Alexandria, by road to Abydos, Dendera, Kom Ombo, Edfu, Aswan, Hurghada and the Red Sea or you can fly to all holiday destinations in Egypt.

There are also opportunities to relax by one of the pools in town, to enjoy the thrill of quad biking through the desert or try your hand at riding a camel or horse.

Alternatively, you can take a relaxing felucca (sail boat) trip up the Nile at sunset or visit one of the islands. And in the evening you can also enjoy light and sound shows, belly dancers, snake charmers, experience the local food or take a stroll through the bazaars and cafes.

There is a wide choice of restaurants offering national and international cuisine. There are plenty of stalls to buy fresh food grown locally in the fields around the town as well as supermarkets.

A main attraction in Luxor is the hot-air balloon offering rides over  incredible scenery: the ancient sites, the local villages, the unroofed buildings, the battlemented mosques, the vaulted Coptic churches, the mighty Nile, the farmhouse and the vast desert all touched by a beautifully coloured sunrise.

Don’t miss a trip to Luxor, a trip back in time!!!