The Hot Air Balloon Flight

This magical journey starts before dawn as you are collected from your hotel or cruise boat and taken across the Nile River in a motorboat. Morning tea/coffee and cakes/biscuits are served aboard during the crossing to the West Bank. Once back on dry land you will be transported to the enchanted valley of Hatshepsut take-off point.

The amazing setup and inflation of the balloon takes about 30 minutes. After that, you will float for a minimum of forty minutes, depending on wind conditions, over some of the most magnificent wonders of the ancient Egyptian world, enjoying a bird’s eye view of all the important landmarks of the West Bank.

Admire the amazing architecture of Hatshepsut’s temple carved entirely from a cliff face. Take pictures at the massive statues of Memnon and speculate on how they were built all those years ago. Look down upon the Mortuary Temples of Ramesses II and III – The Ramesseum and Medinet Habu- the royal necropolis of the Queens and the rock cut tombs of the Nobles and high officials of ancient Egypt. While gliding across the Deir El Medina -home of the artisans- think at the incredible expertise of all those “Michelangelo” and “Raffaello” of ancient Egypt.

As hot air balloons cannot be steered, each flight is a unique beautiful experience. Part of the magic is that it drifts with the wind and you never know exactly where you may land. After landing and packing the balloon back onto the chase vehicles trailer, we take you back to the boat and to your hotel. The whole experience takes about two and a half to three hours and you will be back to your accommodation in time for breakfast.