Shelly was literally swept off her feet as she experienced true romance in a Magic Horizon hot-air balloon. 

John treated her to a hot-air balloon ride and while floating over the stunning antiquities of Luxor, as the sun started hitting the ground and enlighten a new day, he knelt down, told her that he loved her with all his heart and asked her to make him the happiest man alive by saying ‘yes’.

It was amazing… a proposal for the record books! Shelly cried and fell in love all over again. Everybody in the basket was happy for them, took pictures and congratulated them.

Such a romantic, memorable engagement proposal!

John & Shelly, we, at Magic Horizon Balloons, would like to thank you for choosing us on this special occasion and congratulate you on your engagement. You make a wonderful couple! 

We wish you all the best and for this to be just the start of a long and wonderful journey together!