Magic Horizon Balloons & HUGH MICHAEL JACKMAN, Australian actor and producer

Magic Horizon Balloons is the largest hot-air balloon company in Egypt and one of the largest in the world. Adhering to the international health and safety regualtions, we provide sunrise balloon rides over Luxor, the biggest open-air museum on the planet.

Amazing moments with Magic Horizon Hot-air balloons, Luxor!

A very atmospheric photo of Cameron Balloons built hot-air balloons flying in Egypt – featuring Pilot Ahmed Mahmoud at Magic Horizon with some of his other Cameron Balloons passenger ride hot-air balloons in the background.

Magic Horizon Balloons Luxor

The magic flight starts before dawn when our staff will pick passengers up at their Luxor accommodation ferry them across the Nile by Felucca motorboat and drive them to the take-off point. Guests will glide up from the West Bank in an expertly piloted balloon and float over Luxor enjoying a bird’s…